Ribbon Interface+++++
Multiple viewport layouts+++++
Scalable Icons+++++
Docking Toolbars+++++
Customizable UI+++++
3D Studio Files (*.3ds)+++++
Adobe Illustrator Files (*.ai)+++++
AutoCAD (*.dxf;*.dwg)+++++
IGES Files (*.igs;*.iges)+++++
LightWave Files (*.lwo)+++++
OBJ Files (*.obj)+++++
Parasolid Files (*.x_t;*.x_b)+++++
Point Cloud Files (*.csv;*.txt;*.asc)+++++
RAW Triangle Files (*.raw)+++++
RHINO 3DM Files (*.3dm)+++++
SAT Files (*.sat)+++++
STEP Files (*.stp;*.step)+++++
SLC Files (*.slc)+++++
Stereo-lithography files (*.sla;*.stl)+++++
Universal 3D Files (*.u3d)+++++
VRML Files (*.wrl)+++++
Construction Planes+++++
3D Mouse Support+++++
Hot Keys+++++
Select by dragging a window on screen+++++
Select by Layer, Color, Type and Name+++++
Invert Selection+++++
Select Last Created and Previous+++++
Invert Selection+++++
Select by geometry types+++++
Selection Mask – To select only certain types of geometry+++++
Selection command to select duplicate objects+++++
Dynamic Move, Rotate+++++
Array Geometry – Rectangular and Polar+++++
Graphical transformation of objects using Graphical Manipulator+++++
Allow graphical scaling of geometry+++++
Scaling using fit to rectangle+++++
Coordinate input for geometry creation in World & Construction planes+++++
Create Points, Point Clouds, Lines, Arcs, Curves, NURB Curves+++++
Create Text and Text on a Curve+++++
Curve editing tools (Trim, Offset, Split, Merge, Chain, Chamfer, Fillet)+++++
Simple Surface creation tools+++++
Surface Edit Tools (Trim, Wrap, Reverse Normal, Unify Normals, Explode)+++++
Mesh creation Tools (box, sphere, cylinder, cone, tubes, extrude, revolve)+++++
Mesh Boolean Tools (Unite, Subtract and Intersect)+++++
Solid creation tools (box, sphere, cylinder cone, torus, extrude, revolve, tube)+++++
Solid editing tools (Unify Normals, Explode, Stitch)+++++
Curve extraction tools(Flat area regions, Create Surface Boundary and section curves)+++++
Dimensioning tools (Horizontal, Vertical, Oblique, Radius, Diameter, Angular, Leaders & Annotations)+++++
Delete holes/cap holes+++++
Tool to detect open loops in curve+++++
Creation of boundary curve when a topologically connected set of surfaces are selected+++++
Auto Fillet curves+++++
Arc fits on a poly-line+++++
Create silhouette curve around a part or selected geometries parallel to the c-plane+++++
Corner rounding of a poly-line+++++